Half Beef Deposit

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At least 200 lbs of product coming to your freezer.
High Choice to Prime grade beef.
Dry Aged for 21 days.
Custom Cut to your orders.

The price listed below is a 10% deposit. The remaining balance is due after your meat has been processed, before delivery. For an estimate on shipping please contact us.

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Finish: Grain Finished, Grass Finished

Deposit is non refundable.
Please contact us with any questions.

What Comes in a Half Beef?

Cuts are totally customizable to your family's needs. We have a wonderful butcher who will talk you through the process and make suggestions based on how your family likes to eat your beef, so don't be intimidated if you don't know exactly what you want!

The amounts listed below are approximate and will vary based on the size of your animal and the processing options you choose:

Roasts (3-4 lbs each)
​ ​Pot Roast: 2-6 packages
​ ​Chuck Roast: 4-5 packages
​ ​Sirloin Tip Roast: 2-3 packages
​​Rump Roast: 3-4 packages

Steaks (1 inch thick, 2 per package)
​​T-bone: 10-12 steaks
​​Ribeye: 10-12 steaks
​​Flank: 1 steaks​
​​Sirloin: 6-8 steaks

Ground Beef (approximately 1lb packages)
​About 60-75 lbs of ground beef

​​Stew Meat - 2-3 lbs packages
​​Short Ribs - 3 packages (4 per package)
​​Soup Bones - 2-3 packages

Organs (available upon request)

A half beef also includes the option for any specialty cuts you may like such as brisket, tri tip, prime rib, sirloin flap, etc. 

Any and all cuts can be made into ground beef. Beef patties are available for an additional charge.

How does this work?

Choose Your Beef

Choose your beef size and finish. Your 10% deposit puts your order onto our list for the next butcher date. Our animals go to butcher the first Thursday of each month.

Customize Your Cuts

Our butcher, Jayson, will give you a call the third week of the month to go over your different processing options.

Pay Remaining Balance

After your order has been processed we will contact you to schedule a delivery. The remaining balance will be due at this time.

Delivery Day

Clear out the freezer! Your meat is on the way! Delivery day usually lands on the last or first Saturday of the month.