Our box deals are a great way to get some variety in your freezer with limited space or budget!

The "Mini Beef"

COST:  $249

A great way to stock a small freezer!

Our Mini Beef box comes with 8 lbs of ground beef, 4-6 lbs of steak and two 3 lbs roasts.

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Breakfast Box

COST: $150

10 lbs of Slow Smoked Bacon and 10 lbs of sausage.

Sausage is MSG free and herbs and seasonings are mixed fresh for each new batch.

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Steak and Ground Beef

COST: $249

The perfect box for grilling season!

10 lbs of High Choice to Prime Grade Steaks and 10 lbs of Ground Beef

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Steak Only Box

COST: $269

15 lbs of High Choice to Prime Grade Steaks

Cut 1 in thick and wrapped in packages of two.

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