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Alyssa here!  When I was a consumer, before I met and married Shawn, hanging weight was SO frustrating to me!  I never really felt like I knew what I was getting!  I had to commit to purchase before actually knowing the total price (and that price could vary by HUNDREDS of dollars depending on the weight of the animal).  Then I learned that while the price per pound LOOKED very appealing, it was actually based off the carcass HANGING WEIGHT.

Hanging weight is, as my butcher put it, what you see in that scene in Rocky when he's boxing in the meat locker.  It's the weight of the carcass on the rail.  It is not the weight of the product coming to your freezer.  Hanging weight is roughly 60% of live weight.  Product weight is 60% of hanging weight.  This means when I purchased based off hanging weight I was paying for weight that I wasn't actually getting.  AND THEN I still needed to pay butcher fees and cut and wrap to the butcher AFTER I paid the farmer for the animal.  The whole thing was just confusing and hard to figure out what I was REALLY paying for my meat until the end and by then, I was already committed so there was really nothing I could do.

That's why, when we started sell direct to consumer I wanted to simplify the process by offering one price so the customer knows exactly what the price is and there are no hidden fees or extra charges at the end.

Custom Meat orders take 3-4 weeks to process.  We drop animals off to be processed the first week of the month and orders are typically ready for delivery the last weekend of the month.  You can expect a call from our butcher, Jayson Smith, to get your cutting instructions around the third week of the month.

We know it can feel like a long process but we promise it's worth it!  If at any point you have questions about the status of your order, feel free to contact us

All of our meat is processed by Jayson Smith at J2 Custom Meats in Grace, ID.  Jayson is a multigenerational cattleman and butcher who grew up in the industry.  He hit the family payroll at 8 years old helping his grandpa with various jobs around the shop.  Jayson has spent his entire career as a butcher and loves helping people customize their orders so they have an order that fits their family's needs perfectly.

If you would like to contact Jayson directly about your order he can be reached at 435-406-9408.

Most cuts come wrapped in paper and plastic.

Ground beef and pork sausage come in 1 lb plastic chubs.

Don't worry!  You don't need to know the anatomy of a cow and all the cuts to have a good experience!  In fact, we LOVE working with people who are ordering direct from the rancher for the first time.  We want you to get the most "bang for your buck" without receiving a bunch of random cuts that your family may not use or enjoy.  Our butcher Jayson is a professional and will ask you how your family likes to cook and eat your meat and can make suggestions that are unique and custom for you.  

If you would like organs, tallow or bones, please be sure to let Jayson know when he calls for your order.  These items are not typically offered unless requested.

Grain Finished or Grass Finished - How do I choose?

All of our cattle are humanely raised on pasture for most of their lives.

Grass finished beef is hand selected and taken to a separate pasture to be finished out on pasture and hay ONLY.  Grass finished beef is typically leaner and has a slightly gamey taste.  Grass finish is available in whole and half orders only.

Grain finished beef is taken to a local rancher who specializes in restaurant quality finishes.  Our grain finished beef is fed a calculated diet of several different locally sourced grains for 90-120 days.  This gives them the consistent marbling and amazing taste that we find most of our customers are looking for.