Raising American Beef for American Families.

Howdy!  We are Paradise Beef.

Paradise Beef was founded in 2020 when the pandemic caused beef prices at auction to plummet.  We were quickly faced with two options:  lose the farm our family has been operating for 3 generations, or change the way we were doing things.

We soon discovered that we weren't the only ones struggling to keep things going and partnered with several other local ranchers to start selling our beef direct to consumer.  This allows us to provide you and your family with quality, American beef from small local family farms all year long.

It's been a whirlwind as we've adjusted and learned about this unique corner of the business world but we've absolutely loved being able to connect with our customers on a more personal level.

We invite you to follow us over on social media as we share more of the day to day operations and what it takes to bring a quality product from our farm to your family's table.


Why is Paradise Beef "The Right Choice"?

The Right Choice... For Your Health.

When purchased from Paradise Beef, you can be sure that all of the nutrients in your beef are natural and full of health benefits. You get to enjoy freshness, flavor, and variety when buying directly from Paradise Beef. Overall, purchasing meat directly from a rancher ensures quality nutrition for yourself and your family as well as peace of mind about how animals were treated throughout production.

The Right Choice... For Your Wallet.

When you buy beef from Paradise Beef, you can save money because you are cutting out the middleman, eliminating any additional costs that come with processing or packaging without sacrificing quality. By signing up to receive our monthly emails, you will also be the first to hear of special deals and customer appreciation discounts.

The Right Choice... For the Environment.

When managed properly, ranching can help to improve soil health, conserve water resources, reduce erosion and sedimentation, increase biodiversity and provide habitat for wildlife. At Paradise Beef we utilize grazing systems that promote a more sustainable form of agriculture as we are able to naturally fertilize land while helping to maintain healthy grasslands. This type of agriculture also helps sequester carbon in soils which reduces emissions into the atmosphere

The Right Choice... For the Farmer.

We appreciate your business.  By cutting out the middleman,  we are able keep more of our profits allowing us to continue to fund this lifestyle that we love. Additionally, it allows us to build relationships with you, our customers, and have direct feedback on what people like about our product. This helps us understand how to better meet customer needs and further improve the quality of our beef.